Personal Coaching

My personal coaching packages offer you individualised support in areas of your life that you need it most - whether it be fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, or all of the above! I want to help you feel great and get your health on track. I'll be there to support you every step of the way with my expertise, guidance and encouragement - we will work together to find achievable goals to work on and I will be there to hold you accountable so your motivation between sessions stays high. Please see more details on the different packages below!

Mummy PT

Mummy PT is for Mums who want to build their fitness back up after having children. This may be 3 months post baby or you may have older children - it can take time to be ready to work on you! My package includes:

- An initial assessment and some baseline measures in the first session
- 1 hour face to face or virtual session per week where we will work on your goals
- Homework exercises along with some guidance on your activity outside of our sessions
- We will also set weekly lifestyle goals together and you’ll be asked to track them each week

Sessions can be held at your home so you have flexibility around children or work and don't have to travel or if you prefer a gym environment I work from two local gyms so get in touch if keen (babies welcome along).
Cost: £220 for initial 4 weeks, £200 for 4 week block for current clients
Please contact me before purchasing the package so I can check availability for that month.
Since consistency is key for results, if you are away any of the weeks the session will be held virtually or app based.

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Post Natal Care Plan

Mums sometimes get a quick look over at their post natal GP check ups but are often left feeling daunted by the prospect of exercising again. I created this one-to-one appointment to give you the support and attention you deserve post-natally to ensure you are taking those first steps back to fitness safely and with confidence.

What's involved:
- A posture check: focussing in on those areas of the body that often get shifted during pregnancy
- Diastasis check and discussion with action points
- Pelvic floor, core and breathing conditioning
- Key movement patterns assessment
- Exercises & rehab advice to work on over the coming weeks

Sessions are done in your own home so can easily work around your and your baby's schedule.
Cost: £80 (session lasts between 60-90 mins on average)
Please contact me first to check availability.

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Pregnancy care plan - NEW

Are you pregnant and a bit unsure what exercises are safe or not safe to do? My Pregnancy Care plan is just for you. It's a one-to-one session where you'll get:

- A deep pre-screening of your pregnancy, current exercise and goals for pregnancy
- An assessment of your current movement capabilities
- Advice on movement through the trimesters (including things to avoid)
- A weekly exercise guide with example individualised workouts
- A PDF one pager on optimal birthing positions

This package can be done in person or online.
Cost: £80 (session lasts between 60-90 mins on average)
Please contact me before booking to ensure I have availability

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